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Eloise Landrum Sullivan
I can not express how much I appreciate Marc Whitehead and Associates Attorney at Law. Everyone from the intake legal team to the legal representative on the day of my hearing were all prompt, compassionate, and professional.
Anthony K.
Marc Whitehead and his colleagues are worthy of your trust. They were timely in providing information and accurate with their efforts in getting my disability claim approved after 2 denials.
Tammy Danos Richard
his was my first time dealing with a disability issue. Marc Whitehead and associates guided me through every step. Believe me when I say that I asked a lot of questions and always received an answer within a couple of hours
John Doe
Ut illum periculis posidonium nam. Soluta doctus nec at, iusto graeco ei ius, et est fierent forensibus. Ne qui sapientem posidonium, vel ei libris malorum.
read more testimonials