Long Term Disability Insurance Policies – A Notorious History

In the 1980’s many insurance companies recognized that there was a lucrative market in selling long term disability insurance policies to young healthy individuals. These policies were designed to insure an individual in the event that they became disabled and could not perform the duties of their own occupation. These non-cancelable policies often had relatively generous terms with regard to the definition of disability, a lifetime payout and a built in cost of living adjustment.

National Disability Law Firm to Begin Blog Discussion on Disability Issues

To this end, we recently launched our new website, The site is dedicated to educating the public on our services related to Long Term Disability Insurance Claims (including ERISA), Social Security Disability Claims and Veterans Disability Law. In the coming weeks and months, we intend to explore on this blog numerous topics relevant to individuals and veterans seeking information on how to win or reverse a denial of their disability benefit claim.