Vascular Stroke SSDI Benefits –Qualify Using SSA Listing 11.04

How does Social Security evaluate strokes and stroke-related disability? Do you qualify for vascular stroke SSDI benefits?

A central nervous system vascular accident, or stroke, can impact people in any number of terrible ways. Depending on the severity of the stroke that you or your loved one has suffered, there may be a difficulty in hearing, seeing, speaking, moving, and even cognitive understanding.


Stroke Disability Attorneys Provide Help for Stroke Victims

As disability lawyers, we review hundreds of claims from stroke victims that have been denied disability benefits by long term disability insurance providers or government benefit programs.

If your claim for post-stroke disability was unfairly denied, do not give up. That same claim, with proper legal representation, can be appealed and won.

Stroke is one of the leading causes of disability in the U.S., and the fourth leading cause of death.