Need to Qualify for Social Security Diabetes Disability? We Can Help!

When you suffer from diabetes disability, such as diabetes mellitus, it is something that changes your entire life. You constantly have to watch what kinds of foods you’re eating and how much. You’ll likely need to check your blood sugar on a regular basis and inject yourself with insulin. If you make a mistake, you can suffer a number of consequences, from feeling out of it and urinating frequently to losing a limb, going into a diabetic coma, or even dying.

Long Term Disability Claims: When You Pay for Insurers’ Mistakes

The point of an insurance policy is that it pools – and therefore dilutes – the risk of having something bad happen. For policyholders, this means that you pay into a plan slowly over time so that you won’t be financially ruined if you suffer from a serious medical problem at some point. Just file a disability claim. Of course, insurers are only able to cover the costs of these calamities because they have a large pool of people paying regularly. So it sort of makes sense that insurers would need to raise rates when more people make claims and collect benefits – their job is to maintain enough funds so that no one’s coverage is ever in jeopardy.

But what about when the insurance company gets themselves into this problem due to their own over zealousness actions or lack of foresight? Should policyholders still have to pay for their mistakes? You might not have an option one way or another.

Social Security Disability Attorney: Late Appeals Possible

As a Social Security disability attorney, I’ve helped many clients to appeal , even after they’d all but given up on getting Social Security disability benefits because they missed their deadline and thought they were out of options.

Normally, they’d be right, because the regular rules effectively close the door on claimants for missing deadlines. But most people don’t know about SSR 91-5p. Under this policy, adjudicators can extend the appeal-filing period if they feel there’s a good cause for missing the deadline. How long do you have to fight for this extension? In some cases, lawyers have gotten their clients extensions years or even decades later. So don’t lose hope!