Vietnam Veterans – New Study Shows PTSD Symptoms Worsen Over Time

A study has found that even after 40+ years, close to 11 percent of Vietnam veterans still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and it seems that many more of them are gradually getting worse rather than getting better.

Dr. Charles Marmar, chairman of the psychiatry department at New York University Langone Medical Center and director of the NYU Cohen Veterans Center, is one of the authors of this study and confirms, “Most people who serve in war are resilient.” He goes on to explain that among those that do develop post-traumatic stress disorder, “if they’re going to recover, they’re going to recover early on”.

Veterans ID Card System – Approved by Congress, Possible 2017 Rollout

On July 20, 2015, Congress approved the Veterans Identification Card Act. This federal bill offers all honorably discharged service members a Veterans ID card that, in theory, should make it easier for veterans to prove their military service.

This ID card measure was on the books for several years. It had originally passed through the Senate and the House without much opposition but Congress proved a more formidable opponent. When the Obama administration voiced their reservation regarding the actual need for new ID’s Congress sat on the measure for several years. With approval finally being handed down from Congress, the measure headed to the White House to be signed into law.

Firing VA Employees in Haste Does Not Help Veterans or their Disability Claims

In an effort to help those veterans who may have been waiting years for their VA benefits, many of those in Congress support recent legislation to fire the so called “bad apples “at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Even though those supporting this legislation may have the best of intentions, the mass firing of VA employees may do more harm than good to improve the care provided to veterans.

Over the last few years, it has become abundantly clear that our government needs to deal more effectively with employees of the VA who are failing at their jobs or violating the best interest of their clients. But even with an expedited firing of many federal employees, a third of which are veterans themselves, the fundamental problem remains; the VA sorely needs management reforms.

VA 100 Percent Disability Ratings – What Are the Different Types?

When it comes to the Veterans Affairs 100 percent disability ratings, things can be confusing. Veterans can find it difficult to determine whether or not they can work if they are rated at 100%. To better understand which 100 % rating is best for you, let’s consider the types of 100 percent disability ratings that the VA uses to determine if a Veteran can return to work or not.

Veterans Disability Backlog: Can VA Keep Up Their Impressive Decrease?

You’ve probably heard about the terrible and completely unacceptable veterans disability backlog. You may even know that they reduced their backlog in years past by about 200,000 cases after outcry from the public and the government.

But most people have no idea how the VA accomplished that rather impressive task… or why it’s unlikely to do the same thing in the near future.

Headaches, Migraines and Your Disability Insurance Claim

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you know how incapacitating these afflictions can be. Most of us know someone who struggles with this illness. In fact – as reported by the Migraine Research Foundation,
• Worldwide, migraine is the 3rd most widespread infirmity
• About 1 in 4 U.S. households have a family member suffering with migraine
• Over four million people have chronic daily migraine, with a minimum of 15 “migraine days” every month.
• Over 90% of patients are unable to work or function normally during a migraine. Episodes generally last from 4 hours to 72 hours.

Attorney for Eye Disorders – Disability Claims for Vision Loss

Numerous conditions cause eye disorders and impaired vision. Loss of eyesight can present a tremendous obstacle to earning a living.

If your claim for disability benefits for an eye impairment was denied, do not hesitate to contact us. We help disabled workers and veterans fight back and win denied long term disability benefits for blindness, various levels of visual impairment, eye disease and other chronic eye problems.

If you were unjustly denied disability benefits, do not give up. What seems like an uphill battle can be fought and won, with an experienced and focused legal team at your side.

Ear Disorders – Hearing Loss, Balance Disability Claims Lawyer

A ruptured eardrum, an infection of the outer or middle ear, vestibular and inner ear disorders (such as vertigo and Meniere’s disease) or hearing impairment can seriously disable an otherwise healthy, hardworking individual.

Those who suffer from incessant or recurring dizziness and balance problems, or the limitations of hearing loss, ringing in the ear and other chronic symptoms, have real problems functioning at work. These and other symptoms can prohibit someone from performing the material duties of their occupation, impair concentration, and also become safety hazards.

If you suffer from chronic ear disorders and find you cannot continue working due to the physical and cognitive effects of your condition, you are not alone.

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination 2016 – Proposed Ruling

After three decades, the VA is making headway into getting a final rule established for veterans and their families who were stationed at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in Fayetteville, North Carolina and suffered disability through exposure to the base’s toxic water supply.

On Sept 9, 2016, the VA’s proposed rule hit the Federal Register. The rule will establish presumptions for the service connection of eight diseases suffered by veterans who came into contact with the military base’s contaminated water.