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Marc Whitehead
Board Certified-Personal Injury Trial Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization




Denial of Benefits Lawyer Marc Whitehead · Houston, Texas

Nationwide Help for Long Term Disability, Social Security Disability and VA Disability Claim Denials

The law firm of Marc Whitehead & Associates protects citizens and veterans from the unfair denial of benefits. The disability law firm has earned the trust and respect of clients and the legal community across the country.

We are able to help you with private long term disability claims, ERISA (group) claims,  Social Security denial, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans' Disability benefits, insurance company bad faith, and life insurance denials.

Have You Been Denied?

Call us today in Houston, Texas at (713) 228-8888 or Toll Free at (800) 562-9830. We handle cases nationwide.

Do not delay. Ask us about your claim today. A denial of benefits lawyer will answer all of your questions. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Long Term Disability Insurance Denial

"Your Claim is Hereby Denied"

The denial letter has arrived. As you struggle to cope with the limitations of your disability, your insurance company tells you that they are denying your claim.

Denial of insurance benefits is in the insurance company's best interest. At the end of the day, the fewer disability benefits they pay out means more money for them. The faith you have placed in their service and the money you have paid them means nothing.

Who are the "Top Deniers" of long term disability insurance claims?

Claims have routinely and systematically been denied by the following insurance providers:

There are many others. The excuses used by the insurance companies to deny legitimate claims are diverse and resourceful.

A key factor in getting the best possible settlement is to let the insurance company know you are serious. They must know that you intend to demonstrate to the court that you are in fact disabled under the terms of the policy. They must know that if litigation were to take place regarding a claim they have denied, you have the best possible attorney on your side to engage in the battle and win the case.

If your insurance company has responded with unfair denial of benefits, attorneys at Marc Whitehead & Associates will evaluate your claim at no cost to you. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Social Security Disability Denial

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, you are not alone. Countless disabled workers are denied benefits each year. The most important action you can take is to not give up, but continue to seek your rightful compensation through the appeals process.

Attorney Marc Whitehead is Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy. We know what will qualify you to receive benefits, and we know how to help you navigate the system when your claim has been denied.

Our firm has the experience of fighting through the appeals process. We will represent you in front of an Administrative Law Judge, advocate with the Appeals Council, and are highly prepared to litigate your claim in final appeal before the Federal Court.

Supplemental Security Income Denial

Some people may not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If you have limited or no income, are disabled but have not been working recently (and are not paying into the Social Security system), you may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

For years, Marc Whitehead & Associates has successfully represented clients who have been denied the Social Security Disability or SSI benefits that they rely on. If you have been unfairly denied these benefits, call our firm right away. We will consult with you Free to examine your claim and begin the appeals process as soon as possible. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Denial of Veterans Disability

Few attorneys are experienced or skilled in the representation of Veterans claims. Marc Whitehead is an accredited Veterans Disability Claim Lawyer who has provided legal services to the disabled since 1992.

Our firm is proud to represent Veterans at all levels within the VA disability system including claims before the VA Regional Office, the Board of Veterans' Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Do not hesitate to request a free consultation with us about your VA claim for disability. We will be honored to evaluate your situation, and discuss with you how we can help you collect the benefits your country owes you. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Defend Against Benefits Denial with a Qualified Lawyer

If your disability claim has been denied, fight back!

At Marc Whitehead & Associates, we have fought this battle successfully hundreds of times against ERISA claim denials, carriers of private long term disability, Veterans disability claims and denied Social Security claims.

Each case reaffirms our belief in the rights of our clients, and that our fight as lawyers against the unjust denial of benefits must never stop.

See how our attorneys can help you fight back and win disability benefits.

Learn more about our firm and attorney Marc Whitehead.

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