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Marc Whitehead
Board Certified-Personal Injury Trial Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization




Long Term Disability Laws - Texas Attorney Marc Whitehead

Knowledge of SSD, VA Disability and Long Term Disability Insurance Laws is the Cornerstone of Our Practice.

Disability can pose an insurmountable obstacle to earning a living and providing for your family. Our law firm is dedicated to providing justice to anyone who has been wrongly denied long term disability benefits.

No matter where you live, we can help.

  • If you are struggling with denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, we will provide expert help. We are attorneys who are highly trained and experienced in all levels of SSD and SSI claim denials and appeals, up to and including final appeal to federal court.
  • Insurance companies providing private disability insurance strive to protect their assets, not the rights of the policy holders. Unlike the federally run programs for SSD and SSI benefits, they are not under Federal jurisdiction, and so their actions may resemble those of the fox guarding the hen house. When your insurance company acts in bad faith, our knowledge of long term disability laws enables us to justify the compensation you deserve.
  • Group insurance policies fall under federal ERISA law. There are important differences between the actions involved in securing ERISA disability benefits and individual long term disability benefits. Your rights as a policyholder are more restricted. You can bet these insurance companies are hard at work on ways to increase their bottom line, where fewer paid claims equal higher profit. Marc Whitehead & Associates is a highly respected adversary in the battle against big insurance.
  • Many applications for Veterans Disability benefits are denied due to the overwhelming backlog of claims, and VA ratings that claim the disabling condition isn't service connected, existed before service, or isn't severe enough. Our veterans suffer unforgivable frustrations and years of denials and appeals in order to receive disability benefits. This is an injustice that we are passionate about fighting, and we pledge to help disabled veterans every step of the way.

Our Approach to the Practice of Disability Law

Our law firm is dedicated to fighting for every client aggressively and professionally with all our might. We strive to promote justice and human welfare. When we see something that's wrong, we fight it; when we see something that's right, we fight for it!

  • We encourage constant communication between attorney and client, and we understand the diligence needed to come through for each client.
  • We'll personally design a legal strategy to fit your unique case needs, and navigate you through the legal process with compassion and commitment.
  • Our flexible hours and open forum for communication put clients at ease and allow for constant exchange of ideas and concerns.

Attention to Detail

Our attorney team will immerse themselves in the details of your case, using many resources and experts to analyze your claim and build a strong case for you.

Technology & Research

Technology is an ever-changing feature of disability law. It is vital to building a strong case. The lawyers at Marc Whitehead & Associates use state-of-the-art resources, engineering knowledge, computer design, scientific study and technology to investigate and fine-tune the details of your case.

Personal Service

Our Houston, Texas based law firm is committed to personal service. Personal service means one-on-one meetings, frequent communication, honest answers, and straightforward legal advice. We believe that each client deserves the ultimate in personal service.

Selective Case Load

We do not believe in overloading cases and practicing selective client acquisition. We will not waste our time on cases that we think will not be successful. When we agree to represent you, you can be sure that we will pool all our resources to stand up for you.

No Recovery, No Fee

In most cases, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that no retainer is required, and there are no fees until we win.

We know long term disability insurance laws. We use them expertly to protect your rights.

Make sure you are represented by attorneys who can uncover the reasons for the denial, take prompt action to reverse the denial, and win the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Let us put disability insurance laws to work for you. Founding partner Attorney Marc Whitehead is:

  • Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy.
  • An Accredited Veterans Claim Attorney as required to practice law before the VA.
  • A skilled and experienced litigator with a thorough understanding of the disability insurance industry. Our litigation practice in both private long term disability coverage and group (ERISA) claims has earned us extensive experience and respect in the state and federal court systems.

Call or e-mail Marc Whitehead & Associates right away if your disability benefits have been denied. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Questions about your long term disability claim? Get free, immediate information about benefit denials including Social Security Disability, Veterans Disability, private long term disability claims, insurance company bad faith, and much more.

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