Why Hire a Long Term Disability Lawyer?

Most people who are victims of a disabling condition never thought they’d also be victims of their insurance provider. Never thought they’d need a long term disability lawyer to help them get their rightful disability benefits.

Bill’s career as an Administrative Project Director was cut short by the onset of severe medical impairments, including pancreatitis, Hepatitis C, lupus and PTSD. Fortunately, Bill’s employer had a disability insurance policy that he could depend on to sustain him financially as he struggled with these disabilities.

Bill applied for benefits, along with supporting records sent from his physician to the insurance company. He also applied for Social Security Disability benefits, which were awarded. Obviously, Bill’s claim for LTD benefits would be granted by the insurance company as well—right?

Wrong. Stories like Bill’s have become the matter of course over the past two decades. Many well-known disability insurance companies would much rather not pay on a claim; they resort to very effective tactics to deny benefits in efforts to protect their bottom line.

The above scenario involves an employer-sponsored long term disability plan, and is the type of LTD insurance that most people have. These types of policies are controlled by ERISA laws, where the deck is stacked against the disabled claimant. Because of strict ERISA regulations, policyholders have very few rights.

Insurance companies know this—and are skillful at taking advantage of loopholes in the law. Without representation from a long term disability lawyer with advanced training and experience, the insurance company’s decision of denial is likely to be upheld.

In contrast, individual disability insurance (IDI) policies are bought privately by individuals directly from an insurance agent. These policies are typically used by executives, attorneys, doctors, dentists and others who realize that if they become disabled, they need a source of income replacement in order to survive financially.

Claims for IDI benefits are controlled by state contract laws. These laws do provide broad protections for policyholders. Even so—regardless of the merits of the claim—insurance companies often do not honor their duties in the contract. Insurance is big business, and insurers will seize every opportunity to deny claims.

When insurance companies don’t play fair, don’t give up.

You have a much greater chance for appealing the denial successfully by consulting with an attorney with expertise in disability law.

You need a highly qualified long term disability lawyer that deals strongly and effectively with multi-million dollar insurance companies. Your attorney must be skilled at negotiations, complex appeals procedures, and litigation in both state and federal courts.

National long term disability lawyer with more than 20 years of experience.

Attorney Marc Whitehead provides serious legal help to victims of insurance bad faith and unscrupulous denial tactics. Allow us to analyze your policy, evaluate your case, and give you critical legal advice about your claim. If your claim for benefits was denied, request a free disability consultation today. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

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