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Marc Whitehead
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Disability Attorneys Representing Mississippi · Long Term Insurance, SSD, Veterans Benefits

Our Attorneys Help Mississippi Claimants Win Disability Benefits

For many law firms, disability claims are an occasional part of their practice. At Marc Whitehead & Associates, it is our practice.

Our clients suffer from many diverse medical conditions that limit their ability to work or provide an income for themselves or their families. All too often, their applications for disability benefits are denied by their insurance company, the Social Security Administration, or the VA.

Our disability attorneys specialize in overturning unfair and unreasonable denials of disability claims. We are determined in our efforts to secure the maximum compensation for our clients.

Have you been denied for any of the following?

  • Long term disability (LTD) insurance benefits
  • Employer group insurance coverage
  • Life Insurance benefits
  • Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Veterans Disability benefits

Let our experience work for you.

Tell us about your situation. We offer free, confidential consultations and will take all the time you need to discuss your case and answer your questions. Call 800-562-9830 or request a free consultation with a lawyer about your Mississippi disability claim. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

We work on a contingency fee basis for the majority of our cases. This means that no retainer is required, and there are no fees until we win.

Below is an overview of our services; Please visit our Disability Practice Areas for much more information.

Our disability attorneys have earned the respect and trust of Mississippi claimants and the legal community. At Marc Whitehead & Associates, you will find a skilled legal team that is equipped to fight, and win, on your behalf.

Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits

Long term disability (LTD) insurance and group policies provided by your employer are supposed to offer peace of mind and financial shelter when serious injury or sickness renders you unable to work.

However, many insurance companies unfairly deny these benefits. Even when your doctor considers your condition to be clearly disabling, insurers will aggressively resort to underhanded tactics to avoid paying your rightful compensation. They are ready to foil your attempts to prove you are disabled. They want you to believe they have already won.

Our firm is ready and able to help you fight back. Representation from our disability insurance attorneys can be the turning point in proving your claim and securing your benefits.

Whether you obtained your long-term disability insurance privately or through your employer, we can help you. Our attorneys are fully active in the specialized legal issues regarding ERISA group claims, long term disability, and life insurance denials. We have successfully represented hundreds of claimants in these areas of the law. We know how to deal with insurance providers who do not deal with you honestly.

Disability Attorneys Serving Mississippi Veterans 

Our country's Veterans often develop permanent or long-lasting disabilities due to injuries sustained in the line of duty. Applying and receiving Veterans benefits from the VA can take years. This is an unacceptable injustice for our service men and women.

Support from a Veterans disability attorney can be vital when appealing a denied VA claim or challenging a VA rating. We are extremely proud to represent our military troops in their fight to receive their rightful compensation.

As Accredited Veterans Claim Attorneys, we know VA law and the VA process. We know how apply the law to the process to your best possible advantage. Our attorneys are here to help you prove your disability and get the maximum benefits you deserve. We will serve you with immediate and personal attention.

Mississippi Social Security Disability Claims

Many of our clients come to us when their claims for Social Security Disability benefits are denied. They feel as though their case was legitimate, and are confused and angry. Since they are no longer able to work, they are in dire need of disability compensation.

As Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorneys, we will help you understand all of your rights to SSD benefits, and appeal any unfair denial. Our attorneys will help you prepare initial applications. We will fight to protect your rights in administrative hearings and appeals. We are prepared to represent you in your appeal to federal court if that becomes necessary.

Attorneys Serving All of Mississippi

Learn more about Who We Help. Also, please visit the links below to learn more about our disability representation in your area.

If you have been denied disability benefits, do not give up hope. Ask a denial of benefits attorney about your Mississippi disability claim. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

If you are not ready to discuss your claim, but still need reliable information, this site has many free resources about claiming disability benefits. We hope you take full advantage of them.

We provide disability claim help in all 50 states.

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