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Marc Whitehead
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Physician Disability Insurance Claim Denials

Legal remedies when physician's disability claims are denied.

At Marc Whitehead & Associates, we handle denied disability insurance claims and disability appeals on behalf of physicians and medical professionals throughout the U.S.

We have represented physician disability claim denials against the nation's largest and most litigious insurance companies. We can help you if you have been denied a long term disability insurance claim by any carrier, including:

  • Unum
  • Sun Life
  • Aetna
  • Colonial Life
  • The Hartford
  • Liberty Mutual
  • AIG
  • Guardian
  • AXA Equitable
  • MetLife
  • CNA Insurance
  • Prudential
  • Great West
  • Penn Mutual
  • The Standard
  • Cigna
  • New York Life
  • Metropolitan
  • ING
  • Jefferson-Pilot
  • Provident Life & Accident
  • Life Insurance Company of
    North America (LINA)

Your disability coverage may be under a group disability plan or under an individual disability insurance (IDI) policy. As you may know, IDI policies in particular are vigorously marketed to medical professionals.

Insurance companies are eager to sell a customized individual policy to you while you are healthy, but not so eager to pay when your health is taken away. Most physician disability plans are high-end policies. Thus, many carriers are motivated to protect their bottom line, not yours.

Common "reasons" insurance providers use to derail legitimate physician disability claims:

  • Our medical examiner has determined that you are not disabled
  • Your medical records do not substantiate your disability
  • There is lack of objective evidence to substantiate total disability
  • Your attending physician has agreed with our determination that you are not disabled (i.e. misrepresenting what your doctor stated, or catching him or her unprepared)
  • Inaccurately defining your "own occupation"
  • Our functional capacity evaluation shows that your physical limitations do not prevent you from performing the duties of your own occupation
  • Our video surveillance shows that you are not disabled according to the terms of your policy
  • You are not disabled from working in "any occupation"
  • Your disability is caused by a mental condition, therefore coverage is limited to 24 months
  • We find you to no longer be disabled

Stand Up to Physician Disability Claim Denial

The stakes in any doctor's disability claim are high, giving the insurance company serious incentive to contest the claim. You can expect to be confronted, investigated, and challenged every step of the way. Many insurers intend to wear you down, no matter how solid your claim is. These tactics that you see as "unscrupulous," insurance companies call "smart business." 

Does Big Insurance Hold All the Cards?

No – it might seem that way, but you can appeal your claim and win, with the right help. The attorney you choose can make all the difference to the success of your case.

Marc Whitehead & Associates are among the few law firms nationwide who manage these kinds of cases every day. The major players in the disability insurance industry know our firm and understand that we provide skilled, serious representation for our clients.

Learn what your options really are.

Consult with us to review your situation and evaluate the validity of the denial, at no charge or obligation to you.

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