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Prudential Disability Claims Denial

To fight Prudential disability claims denial, you need skilled insurance claims lawyers. Marc Whitehead & Associates can help you obtain your disability benefits. We know disability insurance laws, and we apply them expertly to protect your rights. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

The Prudential Insurance Company of America is the second largest provider of group life insurance in the U.S. and a leading carrier of short term and long-term disability insurance. Prudential’s long-term disability coverage often takes over where the short term disability policy ends, replacing part of a policyholder’s salary if they become disabled for a long period of time. The employer may pay these group disability plans, or employee and employer may share the costs of coverage.

Prudential Disability Claims and Denial Disputes

Because these are group policies, most lawsuits that are filed to appeal Prudential disability claims denial are filed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

The Prudential Insurance Company of America is a global company with over 135 years in the insurance business. If the company has unfairly rejected your claim or discontinued your benefits, they are aware that, if the court overturns their denial and makes them pay, in most cases there is no punishment under ERISA statutes. They would only have to pay out what they owed you in the first place.

Prudential may have also made an offer of a lump sum buyout of your disability policy. Although a buyout may sound attractive, a buyout is often a way for the insurance company to keep from paying additional hundreds of thousands of dollars that may be legally accessible to you, the policyholder.

There have been many cases in recent years in various states alleging Prudential’s denial of disability benefits as unfair, biased or unreasonable:

  • A policyholder was approved by Prudential to receive long-term disability payments. After 24 months, Prudential reviewed the plaintiff’s eligibility and determined that the plaintiff no longer satisfied the definition of disability under the policy language. However, the plaintiff was deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration (using the same medical records submitted to Prudential).
  • A claimant was receiving short term disability coverage from Prudential. When the short term coverage ran out, Prudential denied the long term disability payments, arguing that the plaintiff’s medical records did not support the plaintiff’s claim of total disability.
  • In a lawsuit for long-term disability, Prudential acted as both the payer of the insurance and the claims administrator for the plan. When Prudential denied the claim for long-term disability, the plaintiff alleged that Prudential acted in conflict of interest by serving as fiduciary, insurance provider and claims administrator.

It is critical to hire disability claims lawyers who have the resources and experience to demonstrate to the court that you are in fact disabled under the terms of the policy.

Free Case Evaluation of Prudential Disability Claims Denial

If Prudential has wrongfully denied your disability payments, our attorneys can help you fight back. We are a national disability law firm, with significant experience representing Prudential claims.

For experienced help with Prudential disability claims denial, call Marc Whitehead at 800-562-9830 or request a Free Consultation with a lawyer today. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Learn what your legal options are when your disability benefits are denied.

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