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Marc Whitehead
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Social Security Advocate Marc Whitehead

Attorney Representation · Social Security Advocate

  • Do you need help filing a Social Security Disability claim?

  • Do you think you have a valid claim for Social Security Disability, but aren't sure?

  • Has your claim for Social Security Disability benefits been denied, and you need to appeal?

As an attorney who is a Social Security Advocate, I am able to act as your highly qualified legal representative, fighting on your behalf for Social Security Disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income.

I will help you throughout the entire process as needed, from the initial application right up to arguing your claim in federal court. It will be our firm's responsibility to secure critical records and documentation. We will give you guidance during each step of the appeal process.

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Applying for SSD or SSI - and then appealing your claim when it's denied - is extremely confusing. You are not alone in this process. We will help. We have successfully represented hundreds of claimants in their battle to obtain entitlements from denied Social Security Disability benefits.

Did you know: most Social Security Disability and SSI claims are denied at the first two stages of the appeal process -  Initial Determination and the Reconsideration stages.

This means, in order to ever win approval, these claims will need to be heard by an Administrative Law Judge at the next level of appeal. It is highly recommended that an experienced, skilled attorney be your Social Security advocate at this level (and beyond) to ensure a properly developed and represented case.

Why Should You Contact Us?

I am Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law by the National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy. What does that mean?

It means that I must have extensive knowledge of the law of administrative procedure, federal civil procedure, and other substantive and regulatory law involved in the prosecution of Social Security Disability Claims.

It also means that to become board certified, I must have handled matters dealing with social security disability claims which involve physical or mental injury or illness to a claimant.

To become a Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law, an attorney must have:

  • Been licensed to practice law at last five years and be a member of the bar in good standing
  • Devoted a required percentage of practice to social security disability law for at least three years
  • Handled a wide variety of social security disability matters to demonstrate experience and involvement including appearing in no fewer than 100 social security disability hearings, filed no less than 20 appeals council briefs and filed no less than 10 briefs in the United States District Courts.
  • Attended social security disability law continuing education seminars regularly to keep legal training up to date
  • Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges
  • Passed a day-long written examination

The National Board of Social Security Disability Advocacy was created by, and operates under the authority of, the National Board of Trial Advocacy and the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification.

Initial certification is valid for a period of five years. To remain certified, a lawyer must apply for recertification every five years and meet practice, peer review and continuing legal education requirements for Social Security Disability Law.

A word of caution in your quest for a proper social security advocate:

Please make sure that you dig into the qualifications of establishments that advertise themselves to be Social Security Advocates. As with any area where people are in desperate need of help - such as disability benefits - outfits are appearing nationwide who claim to be able to assist you in claiming your entitlement.

Some are genuine, yet since many are not attorneys they are limited in their capabilities to assist you beyond the claim forms and documentation. Ask yourself, are they able to represent you in hearings? Can they effectively cross-examine medical and vocational experts hired by the government? Are they highly trained in the interpretation of the law?

Most important, can they represent you in your appeal to federal court if necessary? The answer is no, and is a key weakness in their representation of SSD claimants. A non-attorney Social Security advocate can only practice at the administrative level. They are not allowed to file lawsuits in federal court, meaning they cannot take the case to the final appeal in federal court where you must be a licensed attorney.

What's more, a non-attorney claiming to be a Social Security advocate may have ties to insurance companies. Ultimately, their obligations are not to you but to the insurance carriers they represent.

For effective representation from a qualified Social Security Advocate, contact Marc Whitehead to recover denied disability benefits.

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