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Unum Claim Denials - A History of Bad Faith

When your Unum claim for disability benefits is valid and payable, how can Unum deny it?

That's the question we hear all too often. After all, Unum is the largest disability insurance provider in the country, collecting billions of dollars worth of premiums each year. Unum is also a fiduciary, meaning they should act in your best interest when evaluating and administering your disability claim.

Unum Claim Denial Practices

If you are involved in a Unum claim dispute, you've become an unwitting part of their long history of denying claims through unfair practices and bad faith. The key is to not give up. With skilled legal representation, you can win the benefits you deserve.

"Unum" refers to Unum Group, formerly known as UnumProvident Corporation (UP), and First Unum Life Insurance Company (First Unum).

Through buyouts and mergers, Unum has become a vast corporation which now has a network of subsidiary insurance carriers. These subsidiaries sell different insurance products in different locations. Unum subsidiaries include

  • First Unum Life Insurance Company
  • Unum Life Insurance Company of America
  • Paul Revere Life Insurance Company
  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company
  • Provident Life & Accident Insurance Company

Each subsidiary company above has its own history of unfair claim denials and bad faith practices. In fact, your claim may be under an old provident or Paul Revere policy, which is now governed and administered by Unum.

If Unum has denied your claim and you don’t understand or agree with their decision, our best advice is to schedule a consultation with a law firm whose expertise is insurance claim denials.

You need a disability law firm that has successfully fought and won legal actions against this insurance provider. In fact, the last thing Unum wants you to do is contact an experienced disability claim lawyer.

Call Unum Disability Attorney Marc Whitehead

Allow us to evaluate your Unum claim and give you an objective, expert legal opinion of the strength of your case and what you need to do next.

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