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Unum Disability Policies - How a Case Can Turn on a Question of Interpretation

Are subtle traps written into your Unum disability policy?

It's no accident that Unum's insurance policies are written with ambiguous and confusing language. This is yet another example of the insurance company's strategies to deny or delay the payment of a claimant's rightful benefits.

If Unum has wrongly denied your claim, we can help you. At Marc Whitehead & Associates, our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience with disability insurance companies. We deal extensively with Unum and we are prepared to help you secure the maximum benefits you deserve.

Unum Disability Contract Wording - A Strategy for Long Term Disability Denial

Unum insurance policies may sound good on the surface, but they may actually be created with wording that allows them to deny coverage or reduce the amount of benefits payable. One example is the inclusion of definitions of disability that are misleading or can easily be distorted.

In a recent Unum insurance case, a Unum policyholder suffered a fatal heart attack. The claimant's Unum disability policy stated that a $30,000 disability benefit would be payable if the claimant should die of a heart attack (a non-medical term.)

Extensive medical records were sent to Unum stating the official cause of death was "coronary artery disease" that led to the fatal heart attack. Unum used that wording discrepancy as a basis for denial because coronary artery disease did "not meet the definition of the specified illness covered by the policy" — i.e., heart attack.

This strategy of confusing the meaning of the definition of disability gives Unum opportunities to refuse to pay claims, even when all evidence proves otherwise. A case can turn on a question of policy interpretation. In effect, policies are written in Unum's favor in order to protect their profits. 

Unum's slippery policy language is just one tactic. 

Did Unum choose to ignore the reasonable meaning of the language in your policy by supplying its own interpretation?

Don't assume Unum's interpretation of your policy is valid! With the help of an experienced Unum disability claims attorney you can fight back with a strongly supported appeal.

Contact denial of benefits lawyer Marc Whitehead today at 800-562-9830 to discuss your Unum claim denial. Don't give up hope. We are a powerful advocate for consumer protection and the rights of the disabled, deeply committed to helping you recover the benefits Unum owes you. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Read more examples of ways Unum denies disability claims.

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