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VA Disability Benefits

Legal Assistance for Veterans Disability Benefits

Click Here for Free VA eBookA Veteran may qualify for VA Disability Benefits for physical or psychological impairments. Service connected injuries often do not become severe until years after the Veteran has left the military.

Service-connected disabilities are not always incurred during combat, either. In contrast to other disability programs that require a finding of total disability, Veterans can be awarded a partial disability rating and receive benefits while employed.

Although Veterans Law was intended to help and protect the men and women who have served our country, the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) does not always rule in favor of the veteran. If you have received a rating decision from the VA and have been unfairly denied VA disability compensation, or you are not satisfied with the disability pay you were awarded, we can help.

Secure Your VA Disability Benefits through an Accredited Veterans Claim Attorney

VA disability claims are expertly handled by the attorneys at Marc Whitehead & Associates. Attorney Marc Whitehead is an Accredited Veterans Claim Attorney as required to practice law before the VA.

We represent Veterans at all levels within the VA disability system including claims before the VA Regional Office, the Board of Veterans' Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your case to see if the regional office or Board of Veterans' Appeals has applied the law properly. We will also find out if there is evidence you have not submitted that would support your claim.

We will give you the legal representation to help clarify the issues and ensure that your claim is properly supported by evidence so the claim can be appealed, if necessary. We will represent you at your hearings whenever that becomes necessary.

Appealing for VA Disability Benefits

There are several levels of appeal in the VA disability claims process. In order to prevail over the VA and win your appeal, you should be represented by an attorney who is experienced in Veterans disability benefits law and has a proven track record at the Veterans Court.

We do not charge for initial consultations. The only way to find out if we can help with your claim for Veterans disability benefits is if you contact us.

Call (800) 562-9830 today to learn more about the legal assistance we can provide to help you recover your VA Disability Benefits, or request a Free Consultation with a lawyer here. Don't Give Up! Call for a Free Consultation.

Veterans Claim Attorney Marc Whitehead has a personal understanding of the need for helping Veterans with the legal aspects of disability concerns. Read Attorney Whitehead’s description of his personal experience, which drove him to become an Accredited Veterans Claim Attorney

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