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Marc Whitehead
Board Certified-Personal Injury Trial Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization




Disability Insurance Policies eBook

How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove Your Claim

When you are in need of disability insurance benefits, being without those benefits for any length of time can crush you and your family financially and emotionally.

The disability insurance industry resorts to many measures based solely on financial motives. To this day, thousands of people that had paid their disability premiums for years have been left in financial ruin because of their own insurance company’s broken promises.

Even lawyers who are not familiar with disability issues do not always understand what has to be proved in a disability claim. This book is designed to inform you about your disability policy and give you the best chance to prevail against the deck that has been stacked against you.

To download the eBook, just click on the eBook cover or Title link below. A new window will open that contains the PDF file. Be sure to save it to your computer [click File and Save As]

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Disability Insurance Policies

How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove Your Claim

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Written by attorney Marc Whitehead, this book is filled with facts based on years of experience with disability insurance law and a commitment to the rights of the disabled. Get answers to the questions that you must know in order to successfully prove your claim, and avoid the traps and mistakes that cause so many claims for disability benefits to fail:

  • What type of disability policy do you have? (Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, or Catastrophic)
  • What type of benefits can you get?
  • Does your policy cover your condition?
  • What do you have to prove?
  • Why you shouldn't use the insurance company's recommended social security representative
  • How to begin your claim
  • What if they deny your disability claim - The Administrative Appeal
  • Do you need an attorney to help with the Administrative Appeal?
  • Insurance company tactics
  • The importance of attorney representation during your lawsuit
  • How is your attorney paid?
  • What is ERISA?
  • Is your case governed by federal ERISA law?

Please note, the above book is provided for educational purposes only. The information in the book is not intended as legal advice. A licensed attorney should be consulted directly on all legal issues that may affect you or your case.

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